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SPS Dampproofing

If you need damp eradicated from your property, we're on-hand to treat the affected area. If left unchecked, the affected areas will deteriorate over time: costing you time and money. Luckily, we can effectively damp proof any room in your house or place of business in no time at all.

All work is guaranteed

Our rising damp preservatives and other products come from Biokil Crown Chemicals. Affiliated with the BWPDA (now known as the Property Care Association and the Wood Protection Association), we ensure an excellent result every time.

Our service:

  • Damp proofing for properties in Derbyshire
  • Rising damp control
  • Penetrating damp control
  • Tanking systems
  • Free estimates

If you want to find out more about our damp proofing...

The whole process can be complex and confusing to a home-owner. If you want more information about our damp proofing before you invest, then why not give us a call on 0800 859 5288 or contact us?